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Documentary Accepted Into International Film Festival

Frome International Climate Film Festival Acceptance emblem wreath palm leaves

We are thrilled to announce that Guardians of the Green, a documentary film produced by Asheville Video Production, featuring the esteemed Joe Hollis, has been officially accepted into the prestigious Frome International Climate Film Festival. Renowned for its commitment to showcasing films that inspire positive environmental change, the festival provides a perfect platform for our film’s message about sustainable living and ecological wisdom.

Frome International Climate Film Festival Mission

The Frome International Climate Film Festival is not just a venue for screening films; it’s a global movement aimed at fostering a community interested in catalyzing change through the power of cinema. The festival’s mission is to make the necessity for environmental issues visible, connecting filmmakers and audiences in a shared goal of promoting a greener lifestyle. This year, our film joins a curated selection of projects that strive to raise awareness about climate change environmental issues and inspire viewers to reconnect with nature.

dr azra bertrand of biomancy university interviewing joe hollis in asheville video production documentary at international film festival on climate changeAzra Bertrand – Biomancy University

Dr. Azra Bertrand, founder of Biomancy University, and his partner Seren Bertrand are the visionaries behind Guardians of the Green and Biomancy. Azra long championed the integration of ancient wisdom with modern ecological practices. Biomancy University offers courses that weave together biology, ecology, and cosmology, educating students on how they can contribute to global healing. Dr. Bertrand’s commitment to these principles is vividly captured in the documentary, showcasing their efforts to promote a deeper connection with the Earth.

joe hollis founder of mountain gardens interviewed by joe santenello in climate change documentary at international film festivalJoe Hollis – Mountain Gardens

The film provides an intimate glimpse into the life of Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens, a verdant oasis in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. Joe Hollis, an herbalist and gardener, has cultivated one of the largest collections of medicinal herbs in the Eastern USA over the past 50 years. His philosophy of living in harmony with nature and his hands-on approach to plant stewardship offer a compelling narrative of dedication and love for the natural world. Joe’s legacy continues to inspire a new generation of environmental guardians, even following his passing in late 2023.

Guardians of the Green has not only been embraced by the festival but has also resonated with a wide audience online, continuing to amass many views. Read more about Joe’s philosophy of life and the making of the documentary here. The film’s acceptance into the festival marks the beginning of what we hope will be a significant presence in the film and environmental community, driving forward the conversation on sustainability and ecological awareness. The inspiring Frome International Climate Film Festival will be held this year on the May 19th in the Cheese and Grain, in Frome, Somerset, UK starting at 9:00 AM and running through to 11:30 PM.

Watch the magic of Mountain Gardens and the profound insights of both Joe Hollis and Dr. Azra Bertrand come to life in this documentary. Check out this trailer and immerse yourself in a story of ecological co-creation and perennial wisdom.

guardians of the green with joe hollis international film festival trailer

View the Full Documentary Here

Film is a powerful medium that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, capable of raising awareness and inspiring change. Guardians of the Green embodies our mission at Asheville Video Production to create meaningful video content that not only informs but also inspires. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our journey in environmental filmmaking and contributing to the global dialogue on sustainability and climate change.

We hope this film encourages you to think about how you can play a part in nurturing our planet, and we invite you to join us and the global film family in championing positive change through film.

Filming Joe Hollis Behind the scenes at Mountain Gardens in Celo North Carolina

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